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5th Dorking (URC) Scout Group

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Last Update 28-May-18

5th Dorking Scouts Privacy Statement


We are all busy people. The only effective means to correspond with parents is by email.

All parents are expected to register an email address with the Group that is actively used.

Members will receive a variety of communications (from subscription requests and various group notices) which are all delivered via email, (we never send junk marketing!)

Should parents need to correspond with the group leaders, then email is preferred over discussions at meetings. Contact details can be found under who’s who section.

    This Web site

The web site is focused at providing prospective and current members with an insight to the group’s activities and convenient access to relevant scouting information. We aim to update the website from time to time with news items and new policies.

Group Communication Policy

Google Plus Account

The group maintains an image archive of many of the events.  The images are available for download.

Copyright of 5th Dorking (URC) Scout Group.


The group is about to experiment with its own twitter feed. You will need to register to receive updates from the group.

       On Line Scout Manager

To help manage its current membership, the Groups communications operate via a web based service called Online Scout Manager ™ (OSM).

The OSM system provides for a Parent portal where parents can make elections on events, make payments for subscriptions & events, and update the group with new contact details. Parents can also see how their children are advancing with the various badges under the balanced programme the leaders have designed.

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