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5th Dorking (URC) Scout Group

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Total Visitors since 15-Jun-15

Last Update 28-May-18

5th Dorking Scouts Privacy Statement

See below for details of the Group Leadership and Administrative Teams

Group e-mail address                                                     Intouch@5thDorkingScouts.org.uk

 Group Scout Leader (GSL)                                                Judi Currie  

 Assistant Group Scout Leader                                           Simon Ring

Beaver Colony

 Beaver Scout Leader (BSL)                                               Jessica Cluett (MacBeaver)

 Assistant Beaver Scout Leader (ABSL)                               Janice Brown (Cave Beaver)

 Assistant Beaver Scout Leader (ABSL)                               Martha Bruce

 Assistant Beaver Scout Leader (ABSL)                               Barry Wheeler

 Link Leader (LL)                                                               Eileen Ring

Cub Pack
 Cub Scout Leader (CSL)                                                   Jordan Reece (Akela)

 Link Leader (LL)                                                              Eileen Ring (Raksha)
 Assistant Cub Scout Leader (ACSL)                                   Mark Cheesman (Kaa)
 Assistant Cub Scout Leader (ACSL)                                   Kim Lawlor
 Assistant Cub Scout Leader (ACSL)                                   Jed Reece

 Assistant Cub Scout Leader (ACSL)                                   Mark Williams (Rama)
Scout Troop
 Scout Leader (SL)                                                            Vicky Barnett

 Scout Leader (SL)                                                            Joe Currie
 Assistant Scout Leader (ASL)                                            Rebecca Ring

 Assistant Scout Leader (ASL)                                            Myles Donnelly

 Assistant Scout Leader (ASL)                                            Belinda Hard

 Assistant Scout Leader (ASL)                                            Joe Clarke

Group Executive Committee

 Chairman                                                                        Frank Vilkauskas

 Secretary                                                                        Debbi Wheeler

 Treasurer                                                                        Mai Amy  

 All Senior Scout Leaders                                                   GSL, SL, CSL, BSL, LL

 Group Quartermaster                                                       Steve Clarke

 Gift Aid Secretary                                                            David Draper

 Group Administrator (Subs/Web/Photos)                           Rob Jones    

 Church Representative/Sponsoring Authority                      Chris Currie

 Parent Representative (Scouts)                                         Debbi Wheeler

 Parent Representative (Cubs)                                            Cat Tait

 Parent Representative (Beavers)                                        Helen Jones

Who’s Who